From New York to California

Many thumbs up. Copyright:  siraanamwong / 123RF Stock Photo

Many thumbs up. Copyright: siraanamwong / 123RF Stock Photo

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When I finished, there was dead silence... and then the Board broke into cheers and applause.
— Richard Yancey, Executive Director at BEEx

Will is one of those consultants that I trust implicitly. He has transformed every CEO I have sent him, not only as a presenter but also — much harder — with their presence.
— Jerry Colonna, CEO of Reboot

This was easily the most helpful presentation from a skills-building perspective that we have sat through.
— Sarah Lacknitz, Director at Equal Justice Works

Will has changed how I think about every aspect of presentations, from the slides to the narrative to my own body language. All of our senior staff swears by him, and — at this point — almost half our company has been to at least one of his training sessions.
— Isaac Oates, CEO of Justworks

I called Will as soon as I decided to run for state assembly. His coaching was invaluable to helping me speak more effectively, and ultimately, to winning my race.
— Harvey Epstein, NY State Assembly Member

Will coached us to a national championship and then to a national venture competition win. The prize money from those wins allowed us to start to operate as a company. He changed our trajectory completely.
— Miriam Altman and Alex Meis, co-founders of Kinvolved

Lightbulbs were going off. You did a masterful job of filling the session with ‘a-ha’ occasions and made us laugh out loud repeatedly, too.
— Alejandro Crawford, CEO, RebelBase

Will has coached two NYU Wagner teams to national championships and he created an entire public speaking program for all our new students. It isn’t an understatement to say that he has changed how our whole school approaches presentations.
— David Schachter, Associate Dean of NYU Wagner