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What if they gave you a standing ovation?


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Your high-stakes presentation. Our specialty.

When hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars are on the line and it all comes down to your presentation, we know how to get your audience to be enthralled, to be compelled, and most importantly, to act. We have a sterling record helping companies succeed, even when the odds are long, in high-stakes presentations.

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Unforgettable, effective presentation experiences.

We help start-ups, enterprises, nonprofits and individuals get ready with a variety of solutions. We have seminars, training classes, one-on-one personal coaching, and -- when the stakes are highest -- soup-to-nuts story development, slide production and speaker training. Our approach works. You won't forget it.       

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For leaders and companies intent on killing it.

Whether you are seeking venture capital, completing a funding round, preparing for your own TED Talk, or closing a major deal, we help you kill it -- with what to say, how to show it, and how to deliver it in an unforgettable way. No matter your fears, experience, or weaknesses.       

Retro microphone. Copyright:  siraanamwong / 123RF Stock Photo

Retro microphone. Copyright: siraanamwong / 123RF Stock Photo


Be so good they can’t ignore you.
— Steve Martin


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